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Why Glass Partitions Are Better for Business

Many offices, work spaces, and facility departments have separate cubicles in which people perform job duties. The original concept was to limit distractions so more work would get completed each day. The cubicles also allowed for privacy when meeting with clients or talking to people on the telephone. Banks, call centers, insurance agencies, medical registration areas, telephone companies, and business offices all looked like dark mazes through which clients, patients, and visitors had to travel.

Over the decades, it was discovered that productivity was not at optimum levels, morale was low, and co-workers barely knew each other. The isolation all day encouraged boredom and a lack of motivation to set in among employees. Why put forth your best effort when no one can see you? Collaboration and group problem solving had yet to emerge as better ways to do business.

A Positive Change

Switching from all solid materials to half solid wall and half glass was tried in some places to let in more light and make the space look bigger and more inviting. In addition to those benefits, productivity rose in many situations. Slackers had nowhere to hide, professionals who worked hard were noticed, and employees began to talk to each other. Comparing problems and talking about what worked and what did not led to new suggestions and approaches.

Custom Glass is now used to create innovative spaces that increases productivity, raises morale, and impresses clients and visitors. There are several options for the type and thickness of the glass so work space needs can be met. Clear glass, for example, lets in the most light and is ideal for settings where confidentiality and privacy are not issues. A frosted or colored glass that is thicker than standard glass can provide sound reduction and maintain high levels of privacy. Business owners can see Capitol Glass for more detail on available glass choices.

Not Just for Offices

Making entrances more welcoming is a definite plus for businesses. The atmosphere will attract new customers and retain loyal ones. Glass walls behind hospitality centers, like hotels, conference centers, and fancy restaurants are stunning and will draw people through the front doors. Owners can visit Capitol Glass for some examples of the possibilities.

Review productivity or revenue totals and determine if the business is meeting goals. If the numbers are not up to conservative projections for the current year, go to www.CapitolGlassNYC.com to set up a consultation appointment. The results will be well worth the investment.

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